Services We Specialize In...

Working with small, large and predominantly family-owned businesses, the firm is dedicated to providing detail oriented and individual legal services for each client at an affordable price.
When you own a business it is important to protect yourself from unlimited personal liability.   Our firm listens to your individual and business goals and assists business owners with choosing an appropriate entity, contract drafting and negotiation, advising on contracts such as leases, purchase and sale agreements, management agreements, consulting and employment agreements, distribution agreements and all agreements by and between partners, shareholders and members.

Business Incorporation

Asset protection, choosing an entity, limited liability company, corporation, partnership, etc…

Choosing an entity relates to your personal goals and your business objectives.  We will walk you through this process and prepare all agreements (operating agreements, shareholders agreements and partnership or profit sharing agreements) by and between partners, shareholders and members.  We meet with you and your partners ensuring the controlling documents are what you need for future contingencies so you and your partners are prepared later.

Business Contracts and Agreements

We work with you in creating contracts needed for your specific industry, including employment and management agreements, distribution agreements, merger and reorganization documents and all contracts which are pertinent for business cycles and as a stakeholder in your business. We urge you to contact us with legal issues regarding employees, contractors or taxing authorities before they become legal problems.  Affiliate businesses require contracts to meet business and personal goals.  We also review and comment on contracts given to you before you sign, so that your short and long term goals are considered.

Individual Estate Planning

As a business owner you may overlook your own estate planning.  Our knowledge of your business contracts, including operating and shareholder or partnership agreements, your current business health, and long term goals are critical to proper individual estate planning documents. These documents include; Last Will and Testament, Health Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney, and you may need creation of trusts or other documents which address your ownership in the business and its affiliates.

Business Succession Planning

Likewise, personal estate planning almost always triggers business succession planning for family-owned businesses.  Who will take over the business?  How will these successors continue growth and reach short term and long term business goals? Your corporate and personal legal documents are simultaneously reviewed by our firm, so there is integration between your individual desires, needs, and continuity for the business.

Business Strategy and Avoiding Litigation

Strategy for businesses are constantly reevaluated based upon changing criteria in the industry, legal issues, financial health of the company, government regulations, or personal issues such as marriage, illness, divorce, inheritances and estate planning. We urge our clients to contact us with issues such as employee, contractor, partner, shareholder, and member disputes, contracts due for negotiations or renewal, loan modifications, amending current vendor contracts or personal issues which will affect the business and your bottom line.  By providing legal options for the most practical solution before these issues are problematic, litigation can often be avoided.

Real Estate Transactions

Business clients need lease agreement review, guidance during renegotiations and advice regarding refinancing with lending institutions.  Whether it is a purchase and sale agreement, an option of extending office space or your individual purchase or rental of real estate, we are here for you.